• Spinal Adjustment (Manipulation)
  • Heat/Cold therapy for muscle relaxation and anti-inflammatory effect
  • Traction for joint mobility and pain reduction
  • Range of motion stretching to reduce or restore loss of joint motion
  • Applied kinesiology for muscle testing of imbalance and weakness
  • Extremity manipulation to re establish proper joint function to any joint that has lost movement due to injury or disease.
  • Vitamin/Nutrition advice and recommendation including micronutrient lad testing
  • Exercise rehabilitation advice and consult including physical therapy clinic recommendations
  • Self help and home aides. Pillows, cushions, supports, beds, etc.
  • Second opinion consults
  • Peer review recommendations
  • Independent evaluations, legal cases, expert witness availability
  • Co-Manage cases with family doctor or primary care doctor
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  • Cox Decompression - to establish joint relief and reduce disc bulge (protrusion), herniations and Stenosis
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