Emergency Care


To avoid emergency care we recommend the following;
Based on our 40 plus years in practice, only 3-4% of patients that follow supportive and maintenance recommendations have back pain emergencies.  This is quite different from people not under Chiropractic care, in which studies show upwards of 85% of Americans will have a back pain episode.


To reduce pain and health care costs please utilize our home instructions before paging our doctors.

If your pain:

A. Does not reduce with lying down.
B. Has begun within the last 24 hours.
C. Appears to be swelling.


1. Use ice on injured area 10-15 minutes per hour
2. Ice bag made up of cubes in a plastic bag directly on skin OR
3. Refreeze ice bag over a small towel.

If your pain:

A. Is a stiffness.
B. Feels like a muscle is too tight.
C. Has been with you more than 24 hours.


1. Use moist heat on the painful area.
2. A hot moist towel or a wet towel covered in plastic under a heating pad 10-15 minutes per hour.


A. Place yourself in a way to rest the tender area but place treatment of heat or cold on top of you, not you on the heat or cold.

B. The lower back usually is best treated face down, lying over 2-3 pillows under the waist with treatment on your lower back.

C. The upper back can be treated also face down with a bed pillow under the chest with treatment applied to the tender areas.

D. Sleeping should be attempted flat on your back with a pillow under your knees or on either side with your knees bent not on your stomach.


For after hours emergency care follow the recommendations first, if no aid is achieved, call our doctor at the cell phone number below. 

1. Call our cell phone number at 586-362-5040 and leave a voice mail message.
2. Call our office at 586-739-6080 and leave a message taking one of our Emergency Visit Appointments either at 8:30 am or 1:30 pm Monday through Friday and 8:30 am on Saturdays.

Emergency fees for our current patients are an additional $100.00 above any other service/treatment and tests charged. For new patients, this fee is $200.00 above any other service/treatment and tests charged.

If you are patients of other doctors and currently under care,  please call your doctor for help.  We will not provide emergency care for patients of other doctors, unless a patient intends on leaving that particular practice.  After hours emergency care is a service we provide for our patients in our practice.

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